Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Affirmations: Loving Abundance

Love Affirmations are  statements that promote health and abundance in one’s life. I know how valuable it is because I’ve experienced the benefits of giving my self daily doses of love affirmations especially in moments when I become aware of my emotions moving toward an unpleasant path. I will therefore, focus my Love Affirmations for those episodes of self- doubt and bouts of unworthiness.

I love myself for who I am
I am beautiful inside and out
I am special in many unique ways
I love every part of me from, the tip of toes to the tips of my hair
I am endowed with an amazing body that functions perfectly
I am able to do wonderful things because of this body
I love and accept myself and honor every aspect of my physical self that makes me who I am
I am loving abundance expressed
I love all the knowledge I have and all the wisdom that comes to me each moment
I am blessed with a mind that comprehends things easily
I am a creative being capable of making life joyful and exciting
I love the lessons learned from daily experience
I am full of ideas to empower others and support them in their journey
I am able to communicate knowledge and wisdom to anyone effectively
I love and accept myself and honor all the thoughts of who I am
I am loving abundance articulated

I love the passion I have for life and unconditional love
I am eager to give boundless love to myself in order to lavish boundless love on others
I am keen on bestowing all things pleasurable to those I encounter each day
I love the talent and skills I possess
I am a creator of many amazing ways of expressing love to anyone I meet
I am an active participant of making the world a better place for all
I love and accept myself and honor all emotions that make me who I am
I am loving abundance illustrated
I love the abundant spirit that moves in all of me
I am surrounded by a magnificent light that attracts all the best of life
I am pure love energy vibrating in the highest and grandest expression of itself
I love the divinity that abounds in me and all others surrounding me
I am one with every spirit in this universe desiring peace, unity, harmony and joy
I am part of the bigger entity of which all love and light dwells
I love and accept myself and honor the holiness inside me that make up who I am
I am loving abundance manifested

May these love affirmations remind you that loving abundance can be yours; that the love you experience for yourself will radiate; and ultimately, you will come to realize and experience the abundance of life.

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