Monday, June 28, 2010

15 steps to navigate your personal transformation

1. Spend time in nature -- connect with the peace and perfection of plants, trees, flowers and the night sky.

2. Take daily sun baths for 10 to 15 minutes. Visualize the sun's light filling the cells of your body.

3.  Spend time each day nurturing yourself. Begin a new health regimen, prepare healthy meals for yourself, receive spa treatments, massages, etc. Homeopathy, essential oils and flower essences can prove beneficial during this time.

4. Clear up energy in your environment and arrange spaces in inspiring and uplifting ways.

5.  Make time for creative play, focusing on the process rather than the product.

6.  Allow your imagination to lead you on journeys in consciousness. Your imagination is your doorway to higher consciousness.

7.  Practice yoga, tai chi and other forms of movement that align mind, body and spirit.

8.  Make a gratitude list, expressing appreciation for everything in your life. This includes any challenges or "tests" that may come before you at this time.

9.  Donate to charities that help animals, the environment and the underprivileged. Regularly giving to those in need keeps you aligned with your heart. We are all earth angels capable of answering the call to administer divine assistance.

10.  Each time you encounter stress or negativity, align your thoughts and feelings with unconditional love. This allows you to stay positive, focused and grounded.

11. Now more than ever it’s important to eat clean and healthy. On the priority list are root vegetables and dark, leafy vegetables.

12. Pay attention to the guidance and messages you receive within each moment. Messages will arrive in dreams and meditation. Journal thoughts, impressions and observations as well as any intuitive downloads you receive.

13. Notice any emotional triggers and open to their messages. People and situations will show up on many fronts to trigger any residual emotions you are holding.

14. Love and forgive yourself and others for any perceived imperfections. We hold soul contracts with numerous beings who have agreed to help us in our journey of self-awareness and vice versa.

15. Accept and embrace that you are a wise and powerful being capable to bestowing blessings on all you encounter.

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