Thursday, March 4, 2010

The energies of March

By Lena Stevens

The main theme for March is "Movement Forward". Or we could just call it "Movement" as the energy is likely to move in all kinds of directions, up down, sideways, forward and seemingly back but always ending up forward as evolution only goes in one direction. So put your seat belts on as the pace of things could increase to the point of insanity.

In fact those who have an obsessive need to keep mental track may find themselves feeling a bit insane. So let go of the need to control mentally and instruct yourself to integrate and assimilate events and experiences and even choices during sleep because you won't be able to do it while you are consciously awake. Trust that your subconscious is tracking and assimilating everything you will need to know. You are literally being rewired this month to allow your kinesthetic and emotional selves to take more charge. The reason we have created such a time of movement is partly because we are now really sick of our limitations, old belief systems, irritated by our patterns and addictions and feel impatient with the progress of personal evolution. We are fired up and rearing to GO! Forget careful planning and don't get attached to rigid schedules. Be spontaneous and do what comes to you. It will probably be the right thing.

Clarity of intention, staying focused, resisting distraction, doing one thing at a time, and patience, will all be key elements to consider for navigating this month successfully. The renewal aspect that always accompanies the spring equinox will also be a factor in how the time unfolds. And remember that when you have renewal or rebirth you always need to have something die off or be pruned. Much of the personal work of the past few weeks has been on a level deeper than perhaps you have ever gone, some of it subconscious. The result of that work now has the opportunity to surface, showing you a new paradigm for responding, creating, acting, connecting and reflecting. The discipline will be to trust that the new way of being is for real and not some momentary aberration or blip in your known routine. The key is noticing what feels different, what happens without effort, and where your attention goes now.

And what are the distractions? Anything that keeps you from the positive and neutral focus of what you know deep inside to be "Movement", so crucial this month for your personal growth and development. Major distractions are engaging in other people's drama, trying to fix, resisting and being stubborn, attachment to your story, filling your time with unimportant things, impatience and not allowing right timing, and any energy leak or attitude that does not serve you.

You can and should be proactive this month with anchoring new routines, new habits, new opportunities, new friends, new skills, new interests, new personal disciplines and new attitudes. Resilience and flexibility is needed, as you will be refining how the "new" fits into your life. Pay attention to where you are still attached to your expectations of outcomes and of how you think life ought to be. Especially beware of your judgments regarding others and how they may be reacting to change, opportunity and challenge. There will be a tendency towards irritation and impatience that can lead to stubborn reactions in others and martyrdom in yourself. Remember you can only remodel and improve your own house and by doing this, you will inspire the whole neighborhood. Resist the telling to others what you think they ought to be doing. If they want advice, they will ask. Look to your own self, work on your own self.

March is a fiery month. The energy of fire is deeply and permanently transformational. We are all being called to move forward out of the past with the discipline of not looking back and dwelling on anything that has had our attention and involvement that is not in the present. There is no time for regrets, blame, wallowing in disappointment, or holding on to old dreams, as this behavior is an energy leak. Allow everything from the past; the successes and failures, the lessons and the challenges, and all that you would consider to be the good times and the bad times, to dissolve into a beautiful pool of crystal clear water beneath your feet. Now it is pure energy, neutral and useful once more, to be used for new creativity in the present. (If you are having trouble this month you can use this visualization especially before you sleep) Don't think about the new patterns that are forming, just allow them to form from a deeper more subconscious place that knows infinitely more than your conscious mind.

Some of you will feel that things are moving too fast; that there is no time to really integrate, plan, decide, choose or think things through. This is not an intellectually centered year, therefore the intellectual thought process is relegated to last place. Accept that you are being re-trained to trust your instincts and your emotional and kinesthetic reactions. Because the moving center is about movement, pay attention to and observe what is either moving into or out of your life. What happens to be in front of you is what you have called in. Things you wish for may show up faster than you are used to and you may need to get used to that. The good news is that if you don't like the way you have created something you will be able to change it faster as well.

We have been moving towards this acceleration in time and this month time itself takes on a quality of being multidimensional. You may have many different experiences of time this month and they may occur simultaneously. For example, in a day you may experience some aspect of time slowed down, another aspect of time speeded up and yet a third aspect of no time existing at all. This is something difficult to wrap your intellectual center around so the best thing is to simply accept it and go with the movement of energy in your life however it is showing up. Remember that movement this month will be up, down and sideways as well as forwards and seemingly back. There will also be movement of awareness in and out of the astral plane, allowing you to access in your conscious day that which may have only been available to you in your sleep state in the past. This is a very powerful thing as the astral plane holds all the unstructured creative force before it takes form. So pay attention to your dreams both in sleep and those that filter in during your waking hours.

With fire often comes anger. Watch for flare-ups, arguments, fighting, biting remarks, polarity, and the tendency to strike out or strike back. See anger as an energy, rage as its fuel. This is a power that can be used productively to make great changes and move huge amounts of energy. When channeled into right action, anger can be transformed into a neutral force that is an agent of appropriate destruction and change. If you feel angry the worst thing to do is to judge it as bad. That locks it into a pattern that is not at all useful. And if you are at the receiving end of anger that is inappropriately channeled, also beware of judging it. Instead, just be aware of it and do not take it personally. Ask how you could perhaps use this force to move something in yourself that needs to be moved.

With the theme of Movement comes an opportunity to really study how you move through life. Observe yourself every day. Observe how you happen to go from one place to another, how you make your decisions, how you go about your day, how you move your body, how you use your physical environment, how you handle time, how you structure your schedule, how you bring things into your life, how you begin events and projects, how you finish or complete things, and how you eliminate what you don't need. Movement is about navigation, and observing how you navigate through your day will give you many insights. You should observe all the times when you resist and block movement, all the times when your movements are a result of reactions and all the times when they are the result of a proactive choice. The idea is to take every opportunity for movement and see it as a chance for making a proactive choice for that movement. Notice, notice, and notice how your life can be different especially in terms of actually choosing movement instead of feeling at the effect of it and powerless in the face of it.

This is truly the month to take the bull by the horns and decide clearly how NOT to live putting up with your old patterns that no longer serve. Your strong and clear intention to use the Movement of the month to banish these patterns out of your life and to magnetize everything you desire into your life is enough to start the process. It will be entirely up to you!

How MOVEMENT shows up this month:

Stay active and proactive. If the movement feels too frenetic, chaotic and without focus, DECIDE where it should be focused. You are the driver of the train and need to learn to take charge of it. You can handle anything spirit puts in front of you because you ultimately chose to create it that way. The sooner you embrace this concept the sooner you can own your power around it and the sooner you own your power, the sooner you can see the results you want in your intentions. The personal growth aspect of this month is all about taking this kind of charge of your life and everything in it including your health and any physical conditions you may be expressing through your body. Surrender to the movement but stand in your creative position as the driver of the train with certainty and commitment. Address all experiences with " I am choosing this right now". When you are not in resistance and can embrace an experience fully, then, and only then do you have the power to change it to something else if you wish. So lots of lessons are possible regarding how you navigate your personal power around how your life flows and moves. You may even get lessons around how you have allowed others to dictate how your life has unfolded for you. Hopefully you will end the month with a new sense of power, better health, great energy, and more direction, inspiration and drive.

Beware of the irritation, anger, impatience, stubbornness and martyrdom possible in personal connections and relationships. It maybe tricky to navigate through the mine field of reactions this month as any relationship that is on shaky ground will experience the result of the fire element, the desire for transformation and the need for movement. Any relationship that is worth putting energy into can benefit from Movement this month. It will take focus and work to move worthwhile relationships to a new place with harmony and balance, as there are many pitfalls when you have this kind of accelerated movement. On the other hand, any relationship that is not worth putting energy into will tend to move out of your life quickly. Thus it will be important to follow intuitive feelings rather than to listen to what is spoken, as words exchanged may not embody the whole truth. It is best to trust your kinesthetic and intuitive reactions and where they wish to take you. At the same time, look for new relationships and connections to come together quickly and with a kind of fire that gives them an instant spark. Don't take rejection personally and don't compromise yourself to any situation that is not working for you.

The physical plane is always a projection that fulfills a need for supporting the lessons being learned by the collective and this month is no exception. In a time of movement you can expect accelerated movement in the natural forces of the planet. Increased earth movement, air movement, water movement and fire movement may all express themselves in new and creative ways. Being an artisan year, look for the physical planet to be highly creative in its support of our growth and evolution. It won't be so much the enormity of the events that will feel overwhelming but more the frequency and accelerated movement of them that will go beyond what the collective mind has defined as being able to handle. We almost have to experience this sense of something beyond our control in order to surrender to a greater wisdom of what is necessary for our collective evolution. Trust, trust, and more trust is essential for us to know that what we are creating is exactly what we need.

Movement is the operative word. There is not much more to say except to trust where the energy wants to go. If there is no movement, then there is something to prune or to change or to complete and be done with. If there is movement that feels accelerated beyond what you can comprehend, trust it and trust that if you need to understand or know the process intellectually, you will. The flow this month can increase in finances, partnerships and projects especially if there is alignment with a clear intention. Remember that distractions of needing to be right, arguing over small details, irritation, impatience and resistance can derail any prosperous movement and leave you with less than a satisfying experience. So stay focused on what is important to you and resist the distractions. It is generally a good time to begin a new project or partnership and any new thing that begins this month will have sufficient fuel behind it if it is the right thing.

Anything that has been stuck or felt stagnant will move this month, perhaps not in the expected direction but it will move. It was mentioned that movement may appear to be up, down, sideways and seemingly backwards. This will certainly be true in the areas of global issues and politics. The best policy is to stay focused on your own issues and the politics in your own life and environment. What you accomplish and take charge of in your own life will have a ripple effect on those around you and your greater community. Remember that like attracts like and if you want the world to change, change yourself first. This is a good month for it. Don't get caught up and take sides in the blame game you may see forming as a huge distraction and energy leak in global politics. It is a waste of time and good energy. Many good things can be accomplished in terms of decisions and policy, cooperative collaborations and accelerated movement around important choices this month but it will take humility and getting the ego and its attachment to being right out of the way.

Be more helpful to those who need it when the time comes. Be selfish in a good way, take care of your body, do your practices, keep anchoring your still point and have fun!
March 29: Full Moon at 8:25 PM Mountain Daylight Time. Do something very honoring to where you are exactly at this time. (There will be more information regarding this moon that will be sent to you via email closer to the date)

Have a great month!
Lena Stevens

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