Thursday, December 31, 2009

Some musings on this full moon in cancer

artwork: darragh hodges

Full Moon in Cancer: pre-verbal childhood memories; family history; returning to the watery Source; home security; family loyalties and dependencies; a sense of belonging; being nurtured and comforted; the longing for Mother (or the Sacred Feminine); creating safety in which to grow; finding emotional trust in relationships; daring to be vulnerable; having the courage to be true to your feelings.

This Full Moon illuminates: deep emotional needs; unconscious behaviors; homesickness; longing for a family and children; the protected home sanctuary; national identity (tribe, kinship, ancestry); family legacies.

It's a Good Time to:

Be with the muse, and receive impressions from the imagination.
Acknowledge your vulnerabilities.
Nurture and allow yourself to be nurtured.
Protect the frail, young or helpless.
Give shelter to an animal or neighbor from the storm.
Tune in to your ancestors.
Make something artful from your memories.
Indulge your sentimental side.
Reach out to an old friend.
Be near the ocean.

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