Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Universal Heart attunement for 11.11 intention

This is a wonderful meditation to do once a week or even every day.

The Intention of this meditation is for for Global Peace & Healing. You may be experience powerful healing and peace in your own personal life. The process of healing activates cleansing, clearing, and balancing of blockages in your light energy body, so that it can resonate at a higher frequency for attracting positive results in any situation. Daily meditation in the 8th chakra (universal heart) can help you release painful and disruptive patterns, and give you immediate relief of your inner resistance to what is in the moment. As you relax you will naturally attune and align with your spiritual self, and feel comforted. When you are relaxed you become more open and trusting of the natural birth process of a new consciousness. In this state you are receptive to the ever present power of grace to mysteriously transform and heal our life.


From Jude Currivan, PhD

First choose a quiet space where you feel comfortable and sit if possible in a chair that supports your back and enables you to place both feet, well balanced, on the floor.

Now, close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing. As you breathe out, sigh a letting go of anything in your life that no longer serves you. And then as you breathe in, sense a renewal that flows through you, gently energizing and refreshing you. Continue to focus on the cycles of your breath, feeling yourself becoming more and more relaxed and at peace.

When you feel relaxed and balanced, imagine that you are now breathing in a thread of light that flows deep within the universal heart of the 8th chakra, located midway between your heart and your throat. As the light flows within the universal heart, sense that a tiny sphere of light begins to form there and then to grow and brighten with each breath as it becomes the size that you feel is perfect for you at this time.

When the sphere of light has grown in its perfection, in turn, bring the energies of your heart, mind and sense of purpose into the universal heart and allow their essences to lovingly nurture and balance each other into wholeness.

Now, sense that as you breathe within the sphere of light and into the universal heart, this portal - the energetic bridge to your higher self and All-That-Is, opens.

Continuing to breather into the universal heart, when you feel ready, continue your awareness downwards through your body, to and through the earthstar - the 9th chakra located a hands-breadth beneath your feet and on down into the Earth. Continue to send your awareness down, deep and still deeper until you sense that you have reached the heart of Gaia. - the living Earth.

As you reach the heart of Gaia, feel a pulse of her life-giving love returning up and through the 9th chakra beneath your feet, up through your body and the universal heart and on and up to the highest realms of Spirit. And then a returning pulse of unconditional love, from the highest realms of Spirit back down into the universal heart.

Gently and easily pulse this unconditional love through you, connecting Heaven, Earth, All-That-Is and all that you are through the universal heart of the 8th chakra. As each pulse of unconditional love flows through you, feel that all boundaries and barriers are gently dissolving - as you feel more and more at One with the Cosmos.

As divine love flows through you, open yourself in the universal heart to be a vessel, a pure channel of highest intention in service to global peace and reconciliation and the healing of all the schisms that have divided us from each other and from Gaia and all her children. Allow the unconditional love to flow gently through you, in service to such healing to attune with all beings in the universal heart.

Now, as we complete the attunement, imagine you are breathing deeply three times through the universal heart, and with each breath, with love, joy and gratitude slowly bring your awareness fully back into your body. Then open your eyes, stretch and rest for a short time before continuing on with your day.

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