Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Invoke the Angel of Light this september...

Inspirational message
Let your spiritual nature illuminate and brighten each day. Pay attention! Brushing over details can create gray and stagnant areas.

We are in a time of great transformation. The inpouring of light is accelerating the need to strengthen our spiritual immunity and become a positive force of change to help our entire planetary body to heal. We are each being called to step forward into greater self-responsibility and infuse the pre-existing energy fields with our spiritual light to create new configurations.

Light is not the absence of darkness, it is the fluid and dynamic essence of life. Being a lightworker is a task for the committed, not a hobby of convenience. It is time to extricate ourselves from the many illusions we have developed about ourselves and the world in general.

The more you call home the parts of you that have become separated for whatever reason, and find a way to accept them into yourself, the more vibrant your light body becomes. The very thoughts that you are entertaining at this moment shape your future. This applies to every moment and all the moments that follow.

Here are two suggestions for strengthening your light this month. Neither one is particularly easy and both require self cultivation and willingness to learn.

First, do not gossip. It decreases the light within you and others as you pass along the story. It is time to experience our personal power and consciousness without diminishment of others but through the acknowledgement of the unique contribution of each individual. So, the choice is to depreciate or appreciate through our words internally and externally.

Second, follow your emotional triggers to their roots. You can do this by not expressing feelings as they arise, but rather holding them and exploring the deeper dynamic. This is different from suppressing the emotion. It may take some practice to discern this difference. To express the feelings discharges them, limits your understanding, and stops the process of transformation at the current trigger. This practice matures us internally by not allowing us to become entangled or lost in repeated suffering.

The Angel of Light brings you the opportunity this month to up-level, increase your frequency, and learn a new way to show up in the world. Give your ego new instructions, listen to your soul, and let your light shine.

from Innerlinks

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