Friday, July 17, 2009

The Journey Home

The beautiful message of this card from Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Deck..

I was shown a fledgling learning to fly. Its first efforts were very feeble, but as it used its wings more and more, they became stronger until it found the freedom of flight and was able to soar to great heights and fly great distances without any effort. I heard the words: Faith comes with practice. Live by faith until it becomes rocklike, unshakable, and find the true freedom of the Spirit. –Eileen Caddy
Soul Message: We go beyond the veil of fear, lighting each other’s way. The holiness that leads us is within us, as is our home. –A Course in Miracles

Alchemy and Transformation: It is at this stage of initiation the individual becomes aware of his or her unique existence and must find a way “home” to the soul. A new level of maturation emerges, for one must meet the challenge of individution head-on. One must learn to engage with the intermediaries of the soul and live through the intuitive self that, in time, becomes the primary organ of perception.

Awakening to the Archetype – Bird Woman: The bird is a symbol of expanded consciousness and from very early times has been associated with reincarnation and rebirth. You are invited to take flight into the great heavens within your soul as you journey into the vast terrain of your deepest truth and wisdom. Identify your own journey and fly straight into the ecstasy of self-realization and rebirth.

Everyday Encounters: It is time to slow down, open the door and meet your destiny. Immerse yourself in nature. Look into the mystery of life with new eyes. Something magical is afoot. The time is now to find right relationship between body, soul and spirit.

Nature’s Healers: Shooting Star

Now I pray that each and every being’s true nature be revealed, that we each see clearly our inherent truth and find liberation from the shackles of suffering and difficulty imposed by the limitations of our mind. –Chagdud Tulku
Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
–Mother Teresa
There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience. –French Proverb
Chakra Attributes: (Color: Blue) (Function: Communication, Creativity, Connection)

Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the throat and neck region of the body and extending upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex, this area holds the communication center. Through the Throat Chakra one may speak long-held truths of past hurts and, in the process, find much inner peace and a sense of personal freedom. With a healed and healthy fifth chakra, one’s words are kind, clear and truthful.

Healing Flower: Morning Glory

Keywords: Truth, Self-Expression, Song, Poetry, Clarity, Communication

Affirmations: I am the messenger. I speak my truth with clarity and courage.

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