Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rest in peace, my friend Ari

Our friend Ari has passed on to a new dimesnion and it was lovingly obvious how many lives he had touched and how many of us gathered to celebrate his life. He is pictured here with the love of his life and soulmate. We all love you Ari, may you rest in peace.

I have wriiten two poems here for you. I know you will read them from where you are.


The wind rose up
and the sky was still

All of us watched with
hushed breath,
while white balloons bloomed
across the sky.

We waited while
hundreds of prayers
lifted off the ground
from your mother and father
your friends,
brothers, thousands of them
chanting you down to Jerusalem.
Some held their breath,
Others spoke three words only,

Until one balloon, leaving
the rest, found its way
among blue sky and cracked moon.

We watched you depart,
vanishing from us utterly
until you became a speck of light,
an angel hovering above us,
watching us, still.


What did you give us?
They ask always,
as if children could ever forget

how they first danced in the grass
balanced finally on that blue bicycle
and gazed at the black night sky,
an ocean filled with stars.

who see things for the very first time,
like the day I saw you in a crowd of children
nieces, nephews and friends,
but I did not know if you were
one of us or one of them,

Giggling, dimples and all
palms wide open
catching the morning sun

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