Friday, March 21, 2008

The Spirit of Story

Outside my window waves ripple
Seagulls cry to dawn

I awake,
A spark in my heart
A fleck of golden sunlight
Spring's soft breath

Untold stories lay deep inside
Waiting for birth, for life
And so I plant my seeds,

Plant the words in the dark ground
Bless the seeds to blossom
As the Maiden Goddess breathes life into Mother Crone with a kiss.

Sprouts open,
A story blooms
In a shining field of gold

I birth the soul of each story
From seed to tree
Honor the great cycles of time

I gather my harvest for the Great Mother
Read the stories to honor her abundance
The darkness from where the words came
The heavens where they will fill with light

An d I return to the dark earth
To smell her and find her
She, who has given birth to me

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