Monday, March 24, 2008

The Magician: Manifest your destiny

If there is a particular Tarot image that portrays your goal or desire, there are many techniques for working with that particular image that will help you manifest your goal. 

 The image of the Magician card, when properly meditated upon, initiates you into the ancient and expansive wisdom associated with the archetype and integrate its "teaching" into your psyche. As you look at a specific Tarot image, the mind is invited to absorb its higher energies and wisdom. Meditating on a certain card allows you to raise your own energy to the higher vibration which is contained in the wisdom of the image. As you study an image or place it in some strategic spot in your home, you infuse your mind with the transformative wisdom of the image, allowing it to nourish your inner self.

 The information stored in the unconscious mind is symbolic. Therefore, we can use the Tarot as a powerful means of communicating with the unconscious, in its own "language." Creative visualization is a technique that utilizes positive imagery to help you attract your desires, or to reinvent yourself. In creative visualization, you focus on a mental picture -- imagining that which you seek, as if it were already so. There is an expression which says, "Change your thoughts, change your destiny."

This is the principle underlying the use of creative visualization. Using the Tarot imagery, you can change your destiny by making changes in your energetic patterns. The images of the Tarot are able to bypass the every-day mind and the ego and directly retrieve the principles, which they reflect from deep within. The logical mind, with all its chattering, calculating, rationalizing, justifying, blaming and criticizing is circumvented. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Further, this mental imaging can work in any area of life.

If you would like to bring some of the Magician’s spiritual power and focus into your earthly endeavors you can also create and enact a simple but potent ritual utilizing the Magician card. Ritual is the next step – it takes this process of creative visualization to an even deeper level.

While creative visualization provides the mental images of what you seek, a ritual takes this mental image and transports it into a physical and tangible experience. Like creative visualization, ritual is symbolic behavior and thus a potent way to utilize the tarot images. Ritual releases psychic energies and enables the releasing of inner blocks and obstacles. It can serve as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. 

Performing a ritual may even allow you to access new and creative solutions to a problem. When done with sincerity, ritual operates on a cellular level or at the level of your protoplasm. Further, ritual can also help name and set your intention.

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