Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Yourself!

Love every aspect of yourself, from your ugliest judgments to your highest moments of self-expression. We love your hate, disgust, confusion, lies & mistreatment of yourself and your environment. It’s not that we encourage or support this behavior, rather, it’s that we see it dissolving and revealing its true essence, the forgotten expression of a shared divinity. We in the higher-realms see that as we love you in your totality, as you are and are becoming, that in-turn you move closer to the light, you move closer to acting from your ultimate truth, which is a constant expression of heart-centered awareness. It may serve you to act as we do, expressing love to the pains & challenges you face, in your self and others, casting light into the shadows, no matter how dark.

Breathe softly in this moment and surrender your shame to God. Every single one of those who have forgotten have caused pain, acted selfishly & spread the sickness of fear, and every forgotten One forgot the same thing, that they all contain within the spark of the Universal Creator. Large spans of time out of synch with your Creator has accumulated a lack of self-love plague in the walls of your chakra channel and the time is now to clean house and reclaim your sacred dome-ain. This great cleansing comes through acting from Love to soften the field around you, widening the sacred branch that runs through your conduit.

Beloved Ones, your DNA repairs itself & enhances its potential from the love you extend and receive. Therefore, as each One of you outwardly expresses love, your capacity to receive love increases through the Law of Attraction. The beautiful message we bring to you is that when the Law of Attraction is souly programmed with love, you in-turn become more attractive. We mean “be-coming attractive” in the sense of all planes of existence, even physical. As your DNA repairs itself through the expansion of Love expression, a vast healing occurs within, dissolving old karmic soul wounds that have led to your appearance in the field, energetically, locally & physically.

We ask you to have Faith at this time that the Wisdom of Love has the power to heal all and bring about your greatest inner-desires. We see your yearning for freedom, play, fun and safety and we say to you that it is only through Love that these desires can become manifest. For those of you seeking abundance, we also encourage Love as your primary delivery method. Abundance comes to those who have opened themselves up to be attractive through love of self, inner, outer & ultimate. Find your self-love and there in you’ll find whatever you need exactly when you need it.

Remember, Beloved Ones, that loving the shadows is the greatest challenge, but as the Law of Attraction governs, those willing to take-on the channel of the challenge will receive the greatest gifts. You are awakening and the time is Now to love and to create in the space that Love illuminates. Love will attract creative, sexual manifestation energy your way, so Love today and get out and play. Watch children as they play from genuine love, learn from their ego-less joy. Appreciation, Beloved Ones, bridges all pain, sadness and sickness, so Be & Be Great-full for the Love around you and within you, and you just might begin to notice how much more love is actually present in so much you overlooked.

Awakening in essence is removing the blinders to the Love already present. Awakening altars time and space, as Love is the ever-lasting etching in the fabric of the cosmic curtains. The veils widen as you Love all that is. Love Yourself, Love the shit & Love the bliss, for unification comes from the appreciation of polarities.

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