Friday, December 24, 2010

How to Let Go & Trust In Your Spiritual Self: Part 1

Many people working on the personal development and self-discovery hear the words "just let go," or "just let it all go and trust." Unfortunately, many teachers do not break this down and explain exactly how to do that.

Living at the spiritual level

Perhaps you know people who seem to always have the best of luck in everything they do. These people always seem to be in the right place at the right time and have fantastic luck. They don't get sick, they are never the victims of crime, they seem to have great relationships, and they always appear to have plenty of money. This good fortune is not a product of their education, their family background, their jobs, or their exercise programs. It's a product of how they 'think!'

These people have released the need to 'control' everything in their lives. They understand there is a 'physical way' to live, as well as a 'spiritual way' to live. We have our physical bodies, but we also have a spirit/soul. Most people choose to live on the 'physical' level only, and neglect the 'spiritual' level.

While we have to live in our bodies in the physical realm, we can also cultivate our spiritual realm and allow it to shape and guide how we live our physical life. We are always aware of our physical world, but we should be living in this world with a spiritual mindset...on a spiritual level. We have to live IN this world, but not OF it.

To 'let go' you must "unlearn many of the things you have spent your entire life learning." We are 'conditioned' from a young age to worry about our family, our relationships, our jobs, our security, and everything else in our lives that we want to improve. We are taught to compete and outdo everyone else.

This is backward thinking because the more we worry about these things the more need and want and lack we attract into our lives. By choosing to release all the worry and trusting that God's Source and our true nature will lead us to abundance, prosperity, joy, peace, happiness, and health, we invoke the cooperative power of nature and our true Source emerges in our spiritual self.

Allow life's natural rhythms to flow into and through you

When you stop the worry, stress, and fear, you allow life's natural rhythms to flow into and through you. You tap into incredible 'freedom' of tension, anxiety, and worry. You are in harmony and alignment with God's true natural Source. You simply have to choose to think differently and attempt to go through your daily life from your spiritual realm and stop living solely on your physical level. It's a matter of how you choose to think.

Instead of telling yourself "I must do this and I must do that to control what happens to me," tell yourself "I do not need to control everything. I am spiritually open to allowing all good things to flow into my life. I trust my instincts and God's nature to guide me." This change in thinking will guide you to live in the flow of your spiritual realm and open your mind up to new possibilities.

When your spiritual realm governs your life rather than your limited physical realm, your entire outlook on life changes.

Try to stop holding onto control of your life so tightly and allow your life to flow naturally and easily. This is tough for many people to grasp because they feel if they don't exert extreme control of everything in their lives it will all get away from them. The truth is, the more you attempt to control things in your life, the harder it becomes to hang onto them.

When you worry you attract even more worry to your life. When you're stressed out, you attract more stress. When you're anxious, you attract more anxiety. Try to relax in everything you do during your day and loosen the death grip of control you think you need in your life. Stop trying to make everything happen according to what you think must happen, and begin to let things happen according to the natural flow of your life.

When you decide to relax your grip of control on your life, you will begin to experience much more peace, joy, and happiness. You will curb the automatic emotional impulses you think are necessary to control all outcomes in your life. Become clear and focus on what you want your life to be like and all the things you want to have, then 'let go all worry, stress, and anxiety about having them' and look for these desires and dreams to flow into your life at the right time naturally. You cannot force it with control.

When you control, you miss out on wonderful adventures

When you attempt to control everything in your life you miss out of the wonderful adventures of living. Life is a journey of wonderful experiences if you let them unfold in their own natural way. If you cling too tight with the death grip of control you suffocate many of life's beautiful experiences and adventures.

Next time you are worrying, uptight, stressed, and anxious, think of a mental picture of your hands around your own throat. Stop suffocating your life with too much control. Relax, let go, and trust God's natural plan for you.

By not trying so hard and attempting to control every little thing in your life you will 'free' yourself and allow more of what you want to happen in life flow to you. Attempting to control everything blocks the flow of your desires and dreams to enter your life. By loosening up the grip of control you eliminate the blocks that are keeping your desires from entering your life.

No matter what seems to be missing from your life-maybe a special person to love, a special place you desire, a special thing you deeply want, a certain lifestyle, or a feeling of well being-release and let go of the need to control these outcomes and let God's Source fill these voids in your life.

Your spiritual power is always available and present in your life if you choose to use it. Your spiritual side will fill you fully with a new understanding, light, hope, and life. It will fill every void and emptiness you think is present in your life if you allow it. Relax, let go and trust your divine nature to disolve all worry, fear, and doubt in your life.

Whenever you experience any worry, fear, doubt, or need to control things during your day tomorrow remember to immediately relax, shift to your spiritual realm, let go of all these feelings, and trust in your spiritual nature God gave you to guide you to the life you deserve.

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