Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year Message from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

The inspiration you seek to manifest your soul’s purpose is available in this New Year as never before. When you discover your inner purpose, a sense of joyous fulfillment pervades all life. In this New Year of 2010, there will be accelerated energy to provide an opportunity for the full expression of your Soul’s Purpose. Your lifetimes have been the preparation for this abundant time of joyous creative activity, within and without.

With a grateful heart, invite the Divine Light to fill your mind and create a sanctuary within your being to receive this guidance.  Strengthen the foundations of your life with your pure intention to follow the inner promptings of your soul.  Remember to keep balance within and without by giving yourself time to receive love from the deepest sources of your being.  This will provide the nourishment you have desired without realizing what it is you have needed all along.

As you nourish yourself from within, you have all the energy, guidance, assistance and clarity you need to take the first step to realization of your soul’s purpose.  Don’t expect to have it laid before you in distinct detail, however.  It is more likely you will only be given the first step, and when you take that, the next will be revealed, then the next and the next, all in the eternal now.  What is long term is your intentional focus to see your life and the world in a new way, as a place of trust. Know that you are profoundly loved and are being guided to fulfillment in your purpose, with joy and gratitude in your daily life. This inner atmosphere builds a strong foundation that attracts new opportunities to your life. The prevailing wisdom of this New Year is to allow the soul to guide your actions so they become filled with Divine purpose.

Empower The Soul
It is empowering to take time to feed your soul and usher into your life more joy and light with your intentional action. The nourishment of quiet moments when your mind can rest and your heart can feel more peaceful are not to be disregarded in these times of heightened energy, with its often nerve jangling cacophony of sounds. When you can treasure your life and your self, it will feel like a new opening occurs in the world around you.  Creative ideas will start to flow and in a more resourceful, inspired state of mind, you see new opportunities to take the steps that will promote positive change.

The old limitations of thinking and the structures that held them in place are self-destructing.  In fact those very words hold a key insight to new pathways for your life’s work.  When you think of old structures, there is a constriction of energy boxing in thoughts and attitudes.  Using old methodology becomes a struggle to make things happen.  The new more feminine energy of this time requires a letting go of the strangle hold those old structures contain, and a freeing of the inner spirit into new realms of exploration. The best attitude for any new undertaking becomes the child-like mind of wondrous adventure, thus allowing the spirit to soar. When your inner spirit is engaged, your heart feels lighter and this lightness creates an open mind.  When your mind is open to new possibilities, opportunities abound and synchronous events become normal.  When you are aware of synchronicity, life takes on a new sense of magic, hope and joy.

Creating New Foundations
These states of mind are activated by clear intentions, such as: to have the clarity and opportunity for new work that fulfills your soul’s purpose; to feel more support in your life; and to have a sense of peace and harmony within.  Why not allow life to be easier and more graceful?  The overwhelm that led to crushing defeat of the compassionate heart has abated.  More abundant life will be allowed to transpire, as an evolutionary shift in energy is felt within each person’s being.  The desire to serve the greater good will predominate the minds of those who felt lost in the years of material clamor.  As more light pervades the earth, loving hearts and minds find new meaning in their lives and open to a prevailing flow of truth that awakens consciousness.

The allowing mind receives guidance that moves you forward into new realms of activity and ideas that spark your imagination to new heights.  From these awakened places new creative solutions appear to bring healing to environmental questions and personal situations that have appeared hopeless.  As this prevailing mood shifts your inner world the outer world follows suit.  It is essential, however, that these soul qualities are set into a strong inner foundation before they can be built upon outside yourself.

Within each person rests the desire and the memory of being in Oneness with all Life; a sense of unity consciousness that is in harmony with divine action in the world.  The frustration comes when worldly successes are not enough and more must be achieved to fill a need, when it is the overwhelming inner need to express Divine Consciousness that spurs on the activity.  This year people are being empowered to look beyond their personal needs and assist in the anchoring of true abundance on the earth.  The truth of abundance is that there is more than enough to create peaceful outcomes when basic needs are provided.  When these needs are met and there is a sense of purpose, violence loses its compelling draw.  Pray together that all peoples have the food and shelter they require to live life in happiness and peace.  Know the Angelic Dimensions have an interest in sustaining the peaceful evolution of earth inhabitants and you can call this energy into your own life.

Sensitive Souls Unite
There are those who have always felt a little out of step with the rest of the world and, it could be said, they were ahead of their times.  These sensitive beings have felt the pain and suffering of others and of the planet.  Their compassionate hearts have been longing to be useful, though they knew not what to do.  These are the ones who will directly feel the benefits of this energetic shift in 2010.  They will feel a settling inside as they see the benefit of their prayers, and their struggles begin to ease.  These warriors of the light will be able to relax the intensity of their vigilance, and will feel caring assistance that is divine in nature but earthly in manifestation.  As the doors of Heaven have opened to shower them, their souls will feel the impact of loving support and connection with others of like mind.  Collaboration and working together will be more prevalent and the dark loneliness begins to abate as soul families are reunited. The burden of carrying the darkness of the world shifts again as many shoulders work together to carry the load. These demonstrations of soul purpose manifesting will be more commonplace as the joy of feeling in harmony with greater purpose is shared.

There also will be many who find themselves in a downward spiral of darkness, and for those souls there also is assistance.  It is necessary to raise the eyes beyond the suffering to see the help available and many will choose other paths.  All is in readiness for the powerful shift that allows the momentum of a mass awakening that fulfills the desires of the majority rather than the powerful few.  There is an expansion of consciousness that has opened many eyes to the opportunities available now for great change to occur.

The evolution of the earth may not take the time that so many imagine is necessary when the hearts and minds of many people are aligned for common good. Maintaining a connection from Heaven to Earth becomes a daily spiritual practice to harmonize your body and bring peace to the heart and mind.  As all things are connected to Source energy, it requires discipline to overlook the disharmony and go deeper to the Divine within each person and situation. Withdraw your hate and fear of the status quo. Those feelings only give energy to that which is out of balance. Offer instead your blessings and your sense of peace along with the inner balance gained from following your inspired heart. Create a foundation of Divine Love, Harmony, Truth and Wisdom within you, and let these qualities of consciousness be the foundation you build on for your life this New Year.  Don’t let cynicism and hopeless thinking poison the good works you do when you are following the impulse of your soul in the world.

Recognizing Soul's Purpose
For some, the purpose of their soul is to be a center of love working on the inner planes to provide balance in the world.  For others the impulse is to build a more material refuge or expansive work of a worldly nature.  It is within the individual soul to follow the promptings from the Divine Mind, allowing your true nature to develop along patterns that fit your own Divine Blueprint.  If the desire is there and the mind is open, your willing heart can receive these impulses that show the way forward in life. Stillness is the requirement for you to stay in harmony with your true nature and be at peace with your self.  This leads to the recognition of what the soul is trying to express in the world and what lessons are necessary for its fulfillment.

2010 offers an opportunity for soul’s communion and this gift is readily available to those who become receptive to their higher natures. The intentions of the many aspiring souls seeking peace and harmony will prevail. The Earth shall regain her balance.  A balanced heart leads to a balanced life and this knowingness can guide your way.  Open to this truth and give yourself time to receive love from the deepest sources within you. Ask to be guided on the path to fulfillment of your soul’s purpose in this New Year. The blessings of God are available for you to achieve this desire now and when your intentions are aligned with others, Divine Light guides your way to the peaceful evolution of the Earth.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel.

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