Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Poem for the Autumn Equinox


It is time to be re-woven
by invisible threads
Silver spirals spun in a night sky
Spider-Woman rattles down tonight.

It is time to release
the day to day brickwork
Release my hold on
time and sequence and expectation,
Time to float away to my
core, mother
Belly bliss of the universe.

I want to sink into her copper landscapes
roads full of fallen branches and skulls,
dreams, totems, owls
calling me from my ruins,
calling me into the fire
where dead leaves have gathered
and trees, their rooted feet
spiral deep inside Mother Earth.

I am longing to decipher
the language of night --
dark wings night cactus, coyote howls
and canyons -- cliffs ravaged by the fall
of bright stars in rapture...
They say this is the Old Knowing,
wisdom of the ages -stories of our human
struggles, replaced by She who is infinitely

In her, I want to find the
source of light --
the wholeness of worlds
shimmering beneath the ground,
I want to know who
She is, the Great Mystery
who dances when I am sleeping
in and out of the darkness.

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