Thursday, May 22, 2008

Writing the Artist Statement

Writing the Artist Statement by Ariane Goodwin is another gem of a book that helps artists reveal the true spirit of our work.

Goodwin walks us through why it's important to write an artist statement to bridge your audience and your art and how it connects with us to our personal power. She also shares who will use the artist statement: form artist-in-residencies to galleries, festivals, cafes, art patrons, places we teach, contests, exhibitions, grants and more.

Goodwin writes compassionately and gently nurtures the Da Vinci inside all of us to to believe in ourselves to leap and bound.  I especially love how she explains personal power.

The only way to expand our personal power
is to embrace ourselves
exactly as we are
neither more nor less
bust as someone in a state of
constantly changing grace.

The book is also full of writing exercise about Reclaiming Our Story, Reframing Our Fears and The Only Way Out...Is Through.

Happy reading!

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